Is Adam Ant gay? The truth behind the rumors of the 80s pop icon

Adam Ant, the singer and actor who rose to fame in the early 1980s as the leader of the New Wave band Adam and the Ants, has been the subject of speculation and rumors about his sexuality for decades. The flamboyant star, known for his eccentric outfits and catchy songs such as Prince Charming and Goody Two Shoes, has often been asked if he is gay, bisexual or straight. But what is the truth behind the gossip?

Adam Ant, whose real name is Stuart Leslie Goddard, was born in London in 1954. He grew up in a working-class family and had a troubled childhood marked by poverty, abuse and mental health issues. He developed an interest in music and art at an early age and joined the punk scene in the late 1970s. He formed Adam and the Ants in 1977 and soon became a sensation with his unique style of music, which blended tribal drums, glam rock and pop melodies.

Adam Ant was also known for his androgynous and theatrical appearance, which often featured makeup, pirate costumes, leather jackets and feathers. He was a sex symbol for many fans, both male and female, who admired his charisma and confidence. He once said in an interview: “Anyone over 30 belongs to me – bisexual, male, female, gay, whatever”.

However, despite his open-minded attitude and flirtatious persona, Adam Ant has always maintained that he is heterosexual. He has been married twice and has had several relationships with women, including actresses Amanda Donohoe and Heather Graham. He has also denied being bisexual or gay on numerous occasions, saying that he is “not interested” in men.

Adam Ant has also faced rumors that he is transgender or cross-dresser, which he has also dismissed as false. He has explained that his fashion choices are part of his artistic expression and that he enjoys playing with different roles and identities. He has said: “I don’t dress up as a woman; I dress up as Adam Ant”.

Adam Ant has also struggled with mental health problems throughout his life, which have affected his career and personal life. He suffers from bipolar disorder and has been hospitalized several times for manic episodes and depression. He has also been arrested for violent incidents involving firearms and assault. He has been open about his condition and has sought treatment and support.

Today, Adam Ant is still active in the music industry and performs regularly. He has also appeared in films and TV shows, such as Drop Dead Rock and The Equalizer 2. He has a daughter named Lily Goddard from his second marriage to Lorraine Gibson. He lives in London and continues to be an icon for many fans of the 80s era.

The rumors about Adam Ant’s sexuality may never stop, but the singer himself seems to be comfortable with who he is and how he expresses himself. He has said: “I don’t care what people think about me; I care what I think about me”.

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